We read in Glagolitic! — Russian version

The following ressource results from the Research Seminar in Linguistics held at the FIAS and provides Slavists, as well as the wider public, with a practical and up-to-date method to learn to read fluently Glagolitic writing. The approach we have chosen is to provide readers with convenient modern texts that contain no difficulty in the linguistic material, allowing them to concentrate on mastering the graphic system itself. This primer-reader makes use of the well arranged texts of the “Small Corpus of Russian Texts” by M.Hardy (Le petit corpus de textes russes, ENS, 2014) and is intended for speakers of Russian. The electronic version of the document provides for search in Cyrillic.

Мы читаем на глаголице! 
Nous lisons en glagolitique !

We read in Glagolitic! — other versions

It is possible that similar readers for other Slavic languages appear in the future. So far only an interest in Belarusan-language version has been expressed.

If you are knowledgeable about another Slavic language’s phonology and writing system and would like to contribute to or to lead a project in producing a Glagolitic reader for this language, please send us an email to modernglagolitic@fias.fr describing the corpus of short texts and the processing pipeline you plan to use. We may request of you the fulfillment of any reasonable further condition: you being a linguist (group), text corpus being secular enough etc. Please study as well the policies any published content will comply with. The most constraining of them is the public licencing.